Colour Source 16


The Colour Source 16 is our most powerful downlight, with four high performance mix-at-source multi-chip LEDs, providing a harmogeneous and powerful wash of colour, and now with IP67 protection for wet environments.


Product Code: CS16-DL- RGBW / RGBA / TW

Compatible With: LUD 48 & LUD 192



SpecificationPDF Download
Wiring DiagramPDF Download
BrochurePDF Download

Technical Specifications

Channels 4
Wattage 19.2W
Input Current 350ma
IP Rating IP20
Housing Cut Out160mmØ
Lens Options 15°/25°/40°
LED Connection CAT5/6 RJ45
Lumen Output 1,136lm [RGBW] / 908lm [RGBA]
Operating Temp Range -20 to 30 °C
Compatible With LUD48 & LUD192

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have on the CS16. Also please feel free to Contact Us if you still can't find what you are looking for.
1What do I need to power my CS16 unit?
Our CS16 can be powered using our LUD48 / LUD192 constant current LED drivers.
2How many CS16's can I run from a LUD48/LUD192
Using an LUD48 you can power up to 3 CS16's. Using an LUD192 you can power up to 12 CS16's (3 per output).
3Can the CS16 be wall mounted?
Yes, our CS16 can be wall mounted via our metal bracket system or fitted into a ceiling via a tilt-able/non tilt-able gimble.
4I have connected all of my CS16 downlights but they are not turning on?
Please make sure you have end terminated (supplied) your run of CS16's to ensure you close the wiring loop. See wiring diagram for more details.
5How do I wire my CS16 downlights?
Please see our wiring schematic here.
6What is the best distance between each CS16 LED downlight?
As a rule of thumb, our best suggestion is to calculate the height of your ceiling and divide it by 2 to get your ideal spacing. For example if your ceiling if 2.4m high, then position your LED downlights 1.2m apart.

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