Reach new heights with XLite       

XLite Pro

Freestanding Pole 2M

The XLite sets the bar for lighting excellence, with a high performance mix-at-source multi-chip LED housed in a precision engineered anodised aluminium housing. The lighting enthusiasts freestanding pole of choice. With Abstracts built-in light shows straight out of the box, setting up your lighting effects has never been easier. XLite is also programmable via dmx and artnet which allows it to stand up tall on all professional stage sets.


Product code: XLITEPRO

Compatible with: XDRIVE LITE



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  • Freestanding at 2m tall

  • Built-in pixel lightshows

  • DMX or Artnet compatible

  • Robust aluminium housing

  • Quick, easy setup

  • Built-in wifi

  • Sound to light

  • Individually controllable

    Technical Specifications

    Channels Pixel Controlled
    Programming Instant lightshows via Abstract macros
    Control Via DMX or Artnet
    Wattage 30W
    Input Current Constant Voltage 5V
    IP Rating IP20
    LED Type RGBW
    Housing Anodised Aluminium 35mm
    Lens Options 160° Frost
    LED Connection 4 Pin XLR
    Lumen Output 300lm [RGBW]
    Operating Temp Range -10 to 30 °C
    Compatible with XDRIVE LITE

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have on the XLITE PRO. Also please feel free to Contact Us if you still can't find what you are looking for.
    1How do I power my XLITE PRO up?
    To power the XLITE's you will need an XDRIVE Lite 4. This will power up to 4 XLITE's (1 on each individual output.
    2How do I control my XLITE PRO?
    Using the XDRIVE Lite you can utilize the XCITE software pre built into the LED Driver. This allows you to control your XLITE's using your phone/tablet/computer via Wifi. See more information here. *XCITE SOFTWARE LINK
    3Can I use my XLITE PRO outside?
    No, the XLITE PRO is not suitable for outdoor lighting. Unless it is under a suitable cover to protect it.
    4Does the XLITE PRO work with sound to light?
    Yes, the XLITE PRO is our most receptive light unit with sound to light that Abstract has ever manufactured.
    5How many XLITE PRO's can I run?
    There is no limit. To run more XLITE PRO's you can daisy chain your XDRIVE LITE's via the "DMX Input/Output".
    6What is stand alone mode?
    Stand alone mode allows you to control multiple XLITE's individually from the same XDRIVE.
    7Can each XLITE do different patterns in stand alone mode?
    Yes they can. The XDRIVE has a selection of pre-set patterns that allow each XLITE to have it's own individual pattern simultaneously.

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